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Tax Credits Available on Applicable Equipment

Our goal is to maximize the value you receive for the resources you invest while creating a green system that is efficient, durable and comfortable, at the most economical cost.
With oil and gas prices increasing an average of 6% per year, upgrading to a more energy efficient heating and cooling system can achieve an annual return on investment of 20%. In addition, installing solar heating or geothermal heating and cooling systems can return up to 80% on your investment. Find out how you can benefit from an upgrade! Request our free, no obligation energy audit for your existing heating and cooling system. You could:
  • Save 30-50% or more on fuel costs every year;
  • Save up to $3,000 or more with rebates and tax credits, lowering your final out of pocket equipment costs;
  • Pay for your new equipment with your fuel savings;
  • Save our environment with cleaner burning equipment;
  • Save our natural resources and stop using foreign oil and gas
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