Energy Kinetics Systems

Season after season, whatever the weather, Energy Kinetics systems cut up to 40% off heating fuel costs.

Energy Kinetics' Systems are highly efficient, which means that they will lower your home heating bills and deliver you unsurpassed comfort when heating your home. The installation that we completed below has helped save our client approximately 30% on their heating bills. This savings includes heating their new 2000 square foot addition!

Energy Kinetics System 2000

System 2000, FAI Mechanical , Douglas, MAThis high efficiency home heating system can cut fuel cells by up to 40% or more. It's a whisper quiet boiler that delivers near endless hot showers for the best in comfort and efficiency.
  • Average annual savings on fuel consumption with System 2000 is up to 40%!
  • Most efficient system
  • Unique design
  • Hybrid recovery system
  • Endless hot water
  • Extremely quiet
  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • Fuel neutral--runs on oil, propane, natural gas, or biofuels!

Energy Kinetics System 2000 90+ Resolute

9Energy Kinetics System, FAI Mechanical, Douglas, MA0+ Resolute™ is an integrated system – makes both heat and hot water!

Homeowners enjoy economical heat, plus virtually endless hot showers with lower energy costs. It's a non-condensing 90+ AFUE in gas and oil models, and goes beyond AFUE with low idle loss for better delivered efficiency.

Don't get trapped with one fuel!

90+ Resolute incorporates multi-fuel technology. Simply install an orifice to change between natural gas and propane systems, or use our burner option to change between gas and liquid fuels like Bioheat and oil. And because it's non-condensing, there's no corrosive condensate to dispose of. 90+ Resolute is ideal for fin tube baseboard, air handlers, and unit heaters, complementing its exceptional performance with high efficiency and nearly endless hot water. 90+ Resolute Awarded the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient mark in 2015.

Energy Kinetics System Accel CS™

Energy Kinetic System Accel CS, FAI Mechanical, Douglas, MAAccel CS™, the more efficient wall hung boiler, is an integrated system, which means it produces both heat and hot water.  Heat and hot water are the largest energy consumers in cold climate homes. The Accel CS™ wall hung boiler is a single high efficiency appliance that delivers the best in comfort and efficiency. The advanced design optimizes condensing operation and recovers more quickly from night setback. The result is lower fuel bills and comfortable warmth for living spaces, plus nearly endless hot water for showers, kitchen, bath, and laundry. Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® in 2015. Call today for immediate consultation from one of our many licensed heating system installation experts. We will patiently answer any and all of your questions and discuss every stage of the process to help you determine your heating needs. Contact us now for more information on how we can help you reduce your heating costs or request a free estimate for your project.

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